Yancheng Sunco Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (SHUN CHI JI XIE) is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Vacuum conveying equipment, weighing ratio equipment, Mixing equipment, electric heating equipment, rubber and plastic machinery, chemical fiber cleaning equipment , drying equipment and etc . We have more than 100 employees , warehouse area of 15000m², Under more than 30 years of development, Sunco has grown into one of the industry's most influential companies. We focus on improvement of quality control system and scientific management. We had got IS090012008 and IS014001:2004 certificate. Now our products are exported to Australian, South American, South African, the Middle East and Southeast Asian markets. Obviously, we have built long term business relationships with customers from all over the world.

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We believe that Quality products, Excellent Service, Competitive price and Prompt delivery can satisfy your requirement.

Sunco Machinery main product series:

1.Vacuum conveyor;

2.Thermal oil heater;

3.Compressed air heater;

4.Powder feeder;

5.Cleaning calciner;

6.Ultrasonic cleaning machine;

7.Heater element.

 Sunco Machinery main product applications:

1. Vacuum conveyor or Powder suction machine: Pharmaceutical, plastic, chemical, chemical fiber, food industry;

2. Thermal oil heater: printing and dyeing industry,  paper-making, energy, petrochemical, spinning, printing and dyeing;

3. Gas heater for pipe mounting: aerospace, meltblown  nonwovens, membrane, chemical industry, electrostatic spraying, science lab, greenhouse heating;

4. Cleaning calciner: plastic die, plastic mold, distribution board, spinneret, filter, filter rods.


Sunco Machinery service:

 1. Pre-sale service:

1) Communicate with customers, understand customer's needs;

2) Provide professional consulting services;

2. Sale service:

1) Help customers select the product patiently, explain how to use the product;

2) Provide a list of standards for the design, manufacture, assembly, installation, commissioning, acceptance, testing, operation and maintenance of equipment to the buyer;

3) Provide  drawings.

3. After-sales service:

 1) Responsible for installation and commissioning;

 2) Provide maintenance and repair service.